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Public Chado t
ea presentations give the first-time viewer a framework to understand the significant role of Chado in Japanese arts and culture. Chado is a gift of hospitality, that through the medium of powdered green tea, offers sanctuary for the spirit and refuge in which to experience renewal. Transmitted since the 16th century by the Urasenke Konnichian of Kyoto, Japan, Chado is a rich brocade that weaves together aesthetic, social and spiritual aspects of Japanese culture.

Chado tea gatherings
bring host and guest together in a moment free from worldly concerns. In the tranquil setting of the tea room and garden suggesting a mountain hermitage, the guest contemplates the words of a Zen master brushed on a scroll, seasonal flowers arranged as if growing in the field and works of art inspired by nature. While engaging in the most ordinary of human activities  -- preparing, serving, and receiving tea -- host and guest seek to relate to one another and the tea environment with directness, immediacy and appreciation. Recommended for those with knowledge of the fundamentals of Chado.
Tea workshops
explore Chado from many perspectives including spiritual, artistic and social. Recommended for those with knowledge of the fundamentals of Chado.

Special events
bring opportunities to share Chado and Tea arts with Urasenke friends near and far.

Please consult the CALENDAR above for details about Upcoming Tea Activities.


Seattle Art Museum, Ryokusuian Teahouse
The 3-mat tearoom,
Ryokusuian, Arbor of Green Reflecting Waters, designed and built by the Urasenke Konnichian of Kyoto, Japan, is the setting for bimonthly presentations. Free with reservations. Call SAM at (206) 654-3121, Tuesday through Friday, between 10am and 4pm or visit online at Seattle Art Museum.

Chado tea presentations for School Groups may be arranged on Tuesdays from 12:15-1:00, following the presentations for the general public that end at noon. For dates please see the schedule of presentations above. For reservations call the Education Department at (206) 654-3186 or visit online at
Seattle Art Museum.

Seattle Japanese Garden, Shoseian Teahouse
The 6-tatami mat tearoom,
Shoseian, Arbor of the Murmuring Pines, was rebuilt in 1981 with funding provided by Urasenke Konnichian of Kyoto, Japan, to serve as a dojo for the study of Chado at the University of Washington and beyond.  Shoseian is maintained by Seattle Branch for University of Washington Chado classes, community classes, seasonal tea gatherings, special events and public Chado tea presentations.

Weekday and Sunday Chado tea presentations tickets are $10.  Please call (206) 684-4725 for reservations and hours of operation or visit online at
Seattle Japanese Garden.



Everett Community College

Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Japanese Garden

University of Washington
Seattle and Bothell

Japanese Garden
Seattle Art Museum
the living art of Chado,
the Way of Tea,
to affirm our common humanity through harmony, respect, purity and tranquility.
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