General of
Japan in

Consul General Kiyokazu Ota
Consulate General of Japan in Seattle
2012 Commemorative Award
Presented to Bonnie Soshin Mitchell

April 13 2012

I am deeply grateful and humbled to receive this award from
Consul General Ota and the Consulate General of Japan in Seattle.

This award belongs equally to all those who have supported the
East-West Chanoyu Center in our more than 30-year effort to
promote an understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture
through tea.

I would especially like to thank to my colleague and fellow
instructor Timothy Sowa Olson, and our Board members
attending today Prof. Steven Collins and Mayumi Smith sensei,
our shachu members and volunteers, and my family.

My interest in tea began when I traveled to Japan during college.
There I had the opportunity to attend a tea ceremony and
discovered that it represented a distillation of many of the finest
aspects of Japanese culture – its arts, its cuisine, its hospitality,
and its philosophy.

From that one encounter I began my journey along the path of
tea that was inspired by my teachers Prof. Glenn T. Webb at the
University of Washington and Yanagita Soha sensei of Kyoto.

In addition I would like to acknowledge the past patronage of Sen
Soshitsu XV of the Urasenke Foundation of Kyoto who funded the
construction of the teahouses at the Seattle Japanese Garden in
1981 and the Seattle Art Museum in 1992, and the Seattle office
of the Urasenke Foundation from 1981-2011.

This year direct funding from the Urasenke Foundation ended but
with the commitment of our members and friends and the
encouragement of Consul General Ota that this special award
brings, we shall continue our efforts to share the vibrant culture
of chanoyu into the future.

Bonnie Mitchell, Director
East-West Chanoyu Center
Seattle, Washington
Contact EWCC:  5125 40th Avenue N.E., Seattle, WA 98105  (206) 328 6018  mitchell@urasenkeseattle.org



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